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August 23rd/25th 2019, Spello

Battles, gladiators, inns, parades and rites from 295 B.C to 336 A.C.

Near Villa Fidelia in 1733 was found an epigraphic text of 336 A.C. (the “Rescritto di Costantino”). In this text the emperor admitted that the ancient town of Spello had a sanctuary role for Umbrian citizens. From that period Spello began the religious Umbrian capital.
“Hispellum” wants to celebrate this data (336 A.C.). The historical representation of Spello will happen in the theatres, thermal baths and amphitheatres.
The Gentes Julia, Fravia and Flaminia invite you to the historical parade, the reading of the “Rescritto di Costantino”, the markets and the battles.
You will also see sacrifices, holy rites, musicians and dancers.

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