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Open Oil Mills 2019
Umbria, October 26/December 8

A month dedicated to extra virgin olive oil DOP Umbria and quality local food products in the countryside and medieval towns of Umbria.
Tastings, tradition, entertainment and culture, in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.

Returning this year the new edition of Frantoi Aperti in Umbria, an initiative dedicated to the enhancement of extra virgin olive oil DOP Umbria and tourism in Umbria. Frantoi Aperti will delight true connoisseurs of good living and good eating for various consecutive weekends. The medieval towns of Umbria host events that will spread out into the countryside, olive groves, oil mills, farms and farmhouses. 

The undisputed star is, of course, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Umbria from the 5 prestigious DOP areas of Umbria (Colli del Trasimeno, Colli Orvietani, Colli Amerini, Colli di Assisi e Spoleto and Dop Colli Martani).

Olive oil mills (Frantoi) throughout Umbria will open their doors to visitors with shuttle services available from local towns, to celebrates the new season's olive oil (olio nuovo) with events, tours, tastings, concerts, theatre performances, cooking courses, olive picking, trekking through the olive groves and visits to ancient olive trees. Throughout these 4 weekends in autumn the medieval castles, small romantic churches and historic palaces will be open, many especially for the occasion.

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