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L'Umbria che spacca
July 5th/7th 2019, Perugia

“L’UMBRIA CHE SPACCA” is a Festival done my musicians for musicians.
“L’UMBRIA CHE SPACCA” talks about music, art, beauty… It talks about people who want to be happy with people they love and who want to walk around the streets of their town.
“L’UMBRIA CHE SPACCA” is for everyone: no matter what your age, your sex, your language, you culture is…
“L’UMBRIA CHE SPACCA” is simply to listen to music during the month of July, when outside is hot and you drink a beer with your friends.
“L’UMBRIA CHE SPACCA” is done from Sant’Ercolano to the Frontone, so in the main streets of Perugia.

#umbriachespacca #UCS19

Giardini del Frontone, Perugia

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