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The Bellalma S.S.A rises in the Perugia’s hills in a territory between San Martino in campo and San martino in colle. A new an young simple farming firm that decided to bet in Umbria after a solid experience in a metal engineering industry in Calabria. In the spirit of diversification, the two brothers, Alessandro and Marco Caparra, decided to turn the experience gained in those years, in famring and in particular in wine. A hard and exciting venture with a modern factory structure, that follows the industrial model. Organization, purposes, responsibility, hard work, professionalism and planning are some of the features that makes this start up young determined. A team work that weekly works in the wineyard as much as in the offices.

Bellalma S.S.A is a large or medium sized farm company with around 30 hectar grapevine cultivate and well organized. Grechetto, Pinot Grigio, Merlot are some of the main wine types , that guarantee a strong starting point for a high quality grapes and wine.
Bellalma S.S.A has a large amount of efficient machines and work equipment, a warehouse, a storage with services for workers and a residential building.

The company cares a lot about the territory, using low environmental impact procedures, essential in order to ensure quality respect and protection of the environment. The company never used chemical weed control and bought a modern machine that mechanically remove the weed from grapevines. The company think about wine as the summary of grapesvines and wine cellar quality that is why there are a lot of quality check in alla of the industrial processes.

Other to their own wine cellar and a sampling, the company will also spend some energy to create selling point abroad.



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Coming from the E45, exit Torgiano San Martino in Campo, take direction San Martino in Colle and about 4 km on the right there is the company.

Perugia - Vigne Bellalma

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