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Created to support the viticultural and olive-growing economies of Torgiano, the Lungarotti Foundation fosters the area’s historical, artistic, and documentary heritage by promoting research and cultural events on themes of viticulture and olive cultivation; it is also directly responsible for managing the Wine Museum and the Olive and Oil Museum.

The Foundation, directed by Maria Grazia Marchetti Lungarotti, art historian and untiring animator of the cultural debate on museums in Italy has received numerous awards, among which, in 1992, the award for Regional Excellence at the Paris international “Tourmusée” competition organized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communications and the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the International Council of Museums, the English and Italian Tourist Boards, as well as the prestigious “Impresa and Cultura” special mention bestowed in 1998 on the Lungarotti Foundation by the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation.



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Fondazione Lungarotti

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