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 The Association Pro Loco Torgiano was born in 1968. It  has as main aim to get together  around himself all those who has interest to promote the social, cultural and recreational development of the territory; to defend, to value and to introduce the natural and artistic beauties; to promote the tourism, rendering the stay to the guest pleasant, encouraging the improvement of the public services; to promote exchanges of experiences with other operating associations in and other territories.
Holding present such purposes, the Pro Loco Torgiano gives life during the year to several initiatives. Like the Ecological Walk in bicycle that comes organized every year, in collaboration with the G. S. Torgianese, the 25 april. An other important appointment is the walk on foot for the hill paths of the communal territory that is carried out  in collaboration with the Group "Green Area" of Lordship, usually the first decade of May.
The Vinarelli the most important initiative for Torgiano. This original artistic appointment, realized in collaboration with the Communal Administration, is carried out annually to Torgiano during the traditional cultural and recreational Festivity of "Torgianese August". During this period the Pro Loco Torgiano cures and it promotes several show of painting and handicraft in the locales of the historical center, where artists are invited to present your works.


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