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Bettona - Azienda Agricola Siena Eleonora Maria - Fattoria didattica



The farm is located in the Bettona’s green countryside where it extends for 40 hectares. Varieties of biological – ancient – autochthone cereals, grapes, legumes and olives are cultivated every year. They are afterwards directly sold or transformed using traditional techniques and the family stone mill to produce extremely genuine wines, flours and oils.

We want you to fall in love with the countryside and its lifestyle. Its traditions and the typical genuine tastes are still strongly alive in Umbria and we would like our visitors to enjoy them as much as we do.
During our guided experience you will go through all the passages of our activity: soil preparation, sowing operations, harvest, cleaning, storage, grinding and final packaging. The final workshop will challenge your “Umbrian cook” skills! Using our flours and products you will bake traditional Umbrian countryside meals.

We offer three different experiences adapted to our visitors' age: From the ground to the dish; Discovering the farm and the mill; Tasting nature.

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Schedule of the visit/workshop 
'Discovering the farm and the mill'
(For kids up to 10 years)

- Scheduled time of arrival: 09:00am;
- Introduction to the spaces where the activities will take place;
- Breakfast with our own products;
- 1hour open air activities;
- Tour through the farm;
- 3 hours lab activities;
- Workshop: the cycle of cereals, how to make flours out of the mill and baking of the bread;
- Tasting and feeling local products;
- Lunch with our own products baked by you.


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Bettona - Azienda Agricola Siena Eleonora Maria - Fattoria didattica

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