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Our winery was born from the desire to share not only with our friends but with all the fans of good wine our passion for one of the most ancient art. Growing our wineyards (more than 5 hectares kept like a garden) with the care that only those who knows to have to turn their grapes into a high quality product can do has always been our commitment.

We fellow those grapes in their entire path, a mix of tradition and innovation, which makes our grapes turn into wines with a strong character but, at the same time, easy to drink. Our brand "In Umbra Mori" ("In the Shadow of the Mayberry", the typical tree of the farming tradition in Umbria and the brand of our winery) includes a single-variety Trebbiano Spoletino which preserves its verve and vivacity, a Merlot, a wine which gives its beston rocky and rich of mineral soils and our top quality blend of Sagrantino and Merlot, the "Sagramerlo" which combines the tannic taste of Sagrantino with the round and balanced taste of Merlot and fully preserves the flavours of cherries, wild plums and banana which characterizes our red wines.

Fermented, vinified and aged in our winery, our wines are fully entitled to rapresent the village of Monte Castello di Vibio and its territory, a wonderful mediaeval borough, the ideal framework for our products.


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Monte Castello di Vibio - I fenicotteri Societa' agricola

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