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The confcommercio is the most representative organization to provincial level of the enterprises of the commerce, tourism and services.
It promotes and protection the moral, social and economic interests of its associates towards of any public and private organism, in harmony with the addresses of the national Confcommercio and the national organizations of category
It gives identity and voice to the fields represents like collective subjects, organizes the relations between associates to solve the common problems.
It affirms their social role and their weight in the economic increase of Umbria.
It promotes the professional, technical formation and trade-union of the businessman and the aspirants businessman.
It supplies attendance and advising to the enterprises, services and exclusive opportunities of saving in the business management.
Inside of the provincial Confcommercio operate also:
14 territorial associations, 10 Connected structures and 27 Associations of category that they represent approximately 1.700 companies in the tourist field with receptive companies, of the catering and the travel agencies.


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