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The village of Fratta Todina is situated on a hill overlooking the site where the Faena River joins the Tiber, on the same hill where a village which Plinio called Tudernum probably once stood.
Eleven kilometres outside of Todi, Fratta Todina is the smallest township in the district and one of the smallest in the entire region. It has only 1,732 inhabitants. The countryside surrounding the actual town is built up with houses here and there, and also many isolated farms.

For its favourable position, the village was sought by Todi and Perugia, which were interested in controlling the lands beyond the Tevere river. In 1310, in fact, there was a great battle outside of Montemolino which resulted in a complete victory for Perugia. During the battle Perugia destroyed the Montemolino bridge, using the stones it had thus acquired to reinforce various towers in Torgiano. Fratta remained, nevertheless, under the jurisdiction of Todi and its bishop.
It was not until 1846 that the town reassumed its original name of Fratta Todina, and, officially, it was not until 1860 that the town assumed its title of an independent township with the annexation of the region of Umbria to the Kingdom of Italy.
The Convent of the Spineta is located not far from the center of the town. It is one of the most suggestive examples of the Franciscan tradition, and one finds it mentioned in many of the ancient legends of that order.


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