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Todi is a city very rich of history and its visit can start from the majestic Tempio di Santa Maria della Consolazione, situated along the main road and built from 1508 to 1607. The design was suggested by many artists such as Donato Bramante. Towards the centre, past the public gardens and Via Ciuffelli, it is possible to admire Jacopone' s monument. Climbing up the stairs one can visit Tempio di San Fortunato, whose façade has not been finished and where Jacopone's mortal remains lie. On the left of the church there are the Archive and the Public Library. On the right there is Piazza Pignattara It is close to the site of Liceo Classico and Linguistico, formerly a monastery where Friar Jacopone meditated on his conversion. Climbing up on the left there is a Roman tank called San Cassiano prison, because San Cassiano is thought to be imprisoned there and later killed in 304 A.D.
So one can visit (411 m. on the sea level) where a temple dedicated to Jove lay in Roman times. Eventually it became a stronghold. Going downhill behind the monastery there is an arch on the right: it is Porta Libera, a Roman gate belonging to the second circle of walls. Going downhill along Via SS. Filippo e Giacomo, one can reach the church Santi Filippo e Giacomo, built in 1276 and then desecrated. Going along Via L. Leonji one returns to Piazza Jacopone.


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