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Spello is situated on declivity of the Subasio mount, it is distant 4 Km. from Foligno, and 35 from Perugia.
A splendid roman colony, where becomes a pleasure to walk through the alleys to discover the small workshop, to pass under arches that they recall the history, to stop yourself in the little squares, sometimes delimited from the scene of a landscape. That inimitabile scent of broom, fennel and daisies that give off from the carpets of flowers in occasion of Corpus the Domini in june and the nocturnal wake becomes a festivity for the “spellani” and the thousands of tourists that they wait for the sun reveals the designs of the persons that draw with petales of flowers.
It is wonderful in the evenings of summer "to meet somebody for the roads" between the musical and theatrical shows of the center, when the balconies, the windows and the alleys bloom of multicoloured flowers. Outside from walls you discover the beauty of the city follow to you also between the olive trees and extended of grain where the tourist will be able to find dwelling in the farm holidays; the all dressed with an oil extra-vergine of olive and a good red wine glass.
Is in Spello that the Pinturicchio has left a trace indelible that will render the city an important tourist destination in 2008.
The churches of SPELLO are remarkable for elegance of the architecture like the Collegiata, that it is the more ancient Temple, its name is S. Maria Maggiore and is rich of precious paintings of the Perugino and the Pinturicchio.
A show that satisfies the look and the spirit.


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