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In the heart of the country, a country shaped heart which is the configuration of Monte Castello di Vibio on top of the hill, is an invaluable structure: a single jewel "the smallest theater in the world". Ninety-nine seats to dream! Divided among the boxes and stalls.
The Teatro della Concordia is designed in the post French Revolution of 1789 and then headed right to that "harmony between peoples" that was recreating in Europe at the beginning of Eight hundred, when nine illustrious families in the country gave to do to build a Monte Castello a place of entertainment and meetings (there was also a coffee-lounge). His inauguration is dated 1808, in a period of peak cultural, almost wanted to redeem part of Montecastellesi of centuries of vicissitudes and domination suffered. The theater, says in a document of time,"was built small, a measure of his country". It was then frescoed in 1892 by the young painter Luigi Agretti, just fourteen, who was in holidays in Monte Castello from La Spezia, but a son of Perugia, Cesare, already author of the decorations of the sheet and the bottom of the Teatro della Concordia.
In 1927 the Caratanti, namely the owners of the theater, founded a management company called "Academy of members of the Teatro della Concordia." Then two years after the theater is calculated by a character who becomes famous as the singer soprano Antonietta Stella, originally from Todi, one of the best interpreters of Verdi repertoire. Later in 1945 the Teatro della Concordia sees the first steps of another great celebrity: the young Gina Lollobrigida. Here in Monte Castello she played in "Santarellina" of Scarpetta, a comedy put on stage by director and director of stage Tuderte L. Tenneroni.
In 1951 the theater was closed. After decades of abandonment, it reopened in December 1994, and plays a regular seasonal bill and in addition to the seasonal representations it is now available for Civil and Symbolic weddings. The programming ranges from prose, the opera, operetta, concerts of classical music and jazz. The Teatro della Concordia is also available for meetings and conferences.



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