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This Museum is one of the most important of our Region; the first part is dedicated to the so called “City Museum”, a collection about the local historical facts ranging from the Pre-Roman time to the Risorgimento. Especially worthy of notice are the marble plate depicting San Fortunato, Jesus Christ, the Redemptor, San Cassiano, the wooden model of Santa Maria della Consolazione dating back to 1571, work of Ventura Vitoni, and Anita Garibaldi's saddle.
Moreover, there are the archaeological section, the rich numismatic section, the ancient textile exhibition and the ceramic collection, located in the “frescoes room”.
Finally the Museum offers the visit to the Picture Gallery. The masterpiece of this collection is an Altar piece, dated 1511; the work was painted by Giovanni di Pietro, known as “Lo Spagna”. He was one of the most important followers of the school of the Umbrian painter Il Perugino. Here you can also admire the painting The Crowning of the Virgin Mary.



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Da Nord:
Autostrada A1 uscita Valdichiana direzione Perugia, proseguire sulla superstrada E45 Roma-Perugia ed uscire a Todi-Orvieto. Seguire le indicazioni per il centro storico.

Da Sud:
Autostrada A1 uscita Orte, direzione Terni, proseguire sulla superstrada E45, direzione Cesena ed uscire a Todi-Orvieto. Seguire le indicazioni per il centro storico.

Todi - Museo Pinacoteca

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