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The tract of the valley that separates the lowermost slopes of the Subasio mountain from the outskirts of the little town of Santa Maria degli Angeli, is still untouched with the exception of a few medieval rural buildings. The Tescio creek that crosses the plain flows peacefully towards the nearby Chiascio river to become its tributary at the height of the former San Paolo delle Abbadesse Benedictine nunnery. The name place Ponte Rosso (Red Bridge) denominating a trait of this plain is clearly referred to the creek and to the bridge that allows to cross it.
This portion of countryside has always been associated to the production of local wines, Assisi Red and White Grechetto, once excellent wines without any prestige that, only a few years ago, obtained the recognition of their quality and a certification of their quality (D.O.C.)
Recently the Migliosi family, since a long time numbered among the most skilled and qualified local producers, has purchased a magnificent farm estate in the above mentioned area, the so called Ponte Rosso, with plenty of prized vineyards and a perfect exposure. Overlooked by the imposing bulk of St Francis of Assisi sacred monastery and a spectacular viewpoint on the town of Assisi, it winds all along the banks of the creek.
Thank to an accurate requalification and selection, the vineyards can now produce first quality grapes allowing to obtain the two prized wines typical of the Assisi area.


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