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Bettona - Vetunna - Cantine Bettona



Bettona is an ancient Etruscan city on a sweet hill. The pleasure has the perfume of the wine. In our winery, you will find a wide chosen of  wine and a quality that represent a wine tradition of the Umbria.The optimal production of wines of our winery is assured from a careful process of vinification that, also using advantage of technologies in the field, does not forget the traditional working. The search of the quality begins from the picking of the grapes, that it comes programmed in function of the maturation degree. The clusters, come private of the “graspo”; with this step is operated first “pigiatura” that preserve integrity of the grape’s berry. After, thanks to a soft pressed and graduate and to a selective enzymatic maceration, we are in a position to making to express very well the “organolettiche” characteristics of the screw’s fruit. The fermentation process that follows carries out to controlled and constant temperature, not advanced to 18° C: in this way the perfumes and to the primary and secondary aromas of the wine, than characterize the personality and character of wine.

Wine and other products:

Bandita - Bianco Umbria IGP - Chardonnay e Sauvignon
Betonica - Grechetto Colli Martani DOP - Grechetto 100%
Mainardo – Rosso Umbria IGP - Merlot e Sangiovese
Molinaccio – Sangiovese Colli Martani DOP - Sangiovese 100%
Notabile – Rosso di Bettona IGP - Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon e Sangiovese
Cabernet-Sauvignon Umbria IGP - Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
Grechetto Umbria IGP - Grechetto 100%
Merlot Umbria IGP - Merlot 100%
Pinot Grigio Umbria IGP - Pinot Grigio 100%
Rosato Umbria IGP - Sangiovese 100%
Sangiovese Umbria IGP - Sangiovese 100%
Trebbiano Umbria IGP - Trebbiano Toscano 100%
Fresco - Vino Frizzante

Bag in Box Cabernet-Sauvignon Umbria IGP 5 Litri
Bag in Box Grechetto Umbria IGP 5 Litri
Bag in Box Merlot Umbria IGP 5 Litri

Traneus - Spumante Brut Pinot Nero
Suavis - Vino liquoroso
Di Grè - Grappa di Grechetto

Olio extra vergine di oliva - Moraiolo, Frantoio e Leccino
Miele Millefiori



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How to find us:

From North:
Highway A1, exit Valdichiana direction Perugia. After Perugia go on in direction Terni-Roma and exit Torgiano and follow the signs for Bettona and then for Passaggio di Bettona.
From South:
Highway A1, exit Orte direction Perugia. Exit Torgiano and follow the signs for Bettona and then for Passaggio di Bettona.

Bettona - Vetunna - Cantine Bettona

  • Address: Via Assisi, 81 - 06080 - Passaggio di Bettona (PG)
  • Phone: +39 075 9885048
  • Fax: +39 075 9885070
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  • We speak: inglese

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